Hi there! My name is Bogdan and I have been in love with food since I started helping my grandmother with cooking when I was around 6 or 7 years old. She insisted that the kitchen isn’t a place for a boy (old school Romanian tactics) and that I should go on with other things that are more fun for me, but I am stubborn and I did not give up and in the end she allowed me sometimes to be her assistant and partner in crime, and I thank her still to this day for that opportunity.

Since then there has been a lot of trial and error concering food preparation, but I learned that the more you persist the better you get at it, so the food hasn’t looked as good or tasted nearly as delicious as it does now, I still remember how many times I burned rice or forgot stuff in the oven, and woke up to a burning smell, but I know for sure that you can’t have results without taking the journey, can be painful at times, but definitely worth it.

Now why do I cook only with vegetables or plants? Well, I became fully plant based at the end of November 2016, I did it mainly for environmental reasons, after watching a few documentaries and doing some reading on my part, I realized that I could greatly improve the effects of pollution by doing a small change in my diet (which seemed huge at that moment), and since then I re-found my love for food and started cooking a lot more. I mean I was always fascinated by food, but I discovered that there were a lot of ingredients that I have never used before and it made me re-think my approach to food.

My health has also greatly improved and I stopped using some prescription drugs that I was taking for my IBS and now it’s pretty easy to manage, been a bit shocked when that happened: one day I forgot to take my meds, and saw that I didn’t need them anymore, thought I would try for a week and see how it goes, and it has been more than half a year since, and I still don’t need them anymore.

I wouldn’t suggest you doing the same, always best to contact your physician before stopping any medications, I am sure they would be equally as excited as you if you have results, but my condition wasn’t life threatening so I said why not, and it ended up pretty well in the end, I am wiser online than I am in real life it seems 🙂

Now about this blog: along with my beautiful wife I started this blog in 2018, it was actually more her idea than mine, I didn’t have the energy many times to write down what I was cooking, I was just flirting with Instagram from time to time, but she suggested I have a dedicated place where I could gather some of my own recipes.

I am currently suffering from post concussion syndrome and there are some days where I can’t be active online because I have trouble focusing, so it’s great to have somebody who can help me with posting stuff and editing the pictures. Roxana has been my rock and still amazes me on how lucky I am to have her. She also has a great recipe for a balkan salad that tastes awesome, you can see it here: http://bringthespoons.com/vegan-beouf-salad/

She also helped by figuring the name of the new blog, we did a bit of brain storming together, and it came out pretty cool didn’t it? We both agree that forks are overrated hehe.

Anyway hope you enjoy the blog and feel free to send us a shout by either using the contact form, or writing us on instagram: @bringthespoons